Your AI Starter Kit🦄

Angelina Yang
2 min readNov 16, 2023

Today’s post is sparked by our recent chat with friends who want to “get a taste of” applications using large language models.

In fact, a bit of an “existential crisis” prompted by this tweet🫣:

If you are like me, coming from a background in statistics, maths or economics, perhaps you’ll sense a tinge of anxiety, as I did😭.

So, how to catch up?

Jeremy Howard, in one of his classes, shared that:

The best learning happens from doing. <Rephrase>

If you are thinking of compiling a laundry list of online courses or applying for a graduate program to break in the field of AI.

Think twice 🤯.

I find the best learning starts with pinpointing a problem you genuinely want to solve, perhaps a headache you’ve experienced. Start by learning how to solve that problem using AI.

If you feel a bit disconnect between your problem space, and potential AI solutions, reach out to us by : ⨉DM me → here. 🥰

Mehdi and I have launched our boutique consulting firm precisely to address your pain-points using AI, or provide consultation, helping you navigate what might work and what won’t, or enhancing your existing system!

Stuck for ideas? No problem.

We’ve created a repo for you to kickstart your journey with a basic use case, the one featured in our RAG bookChat2Doc! (Big thanks to all who purchased our book! Your support means the world! ☺️)

With this repository, you can create a local version of a simple chatbot to query your private documents, simple UI, simple setup. You will have privacy, a toy to play with, and some inspiration to be discovered!

To add a visual element, we’ve started sharing short demos on our YouTube Channel, as shown below!

We are newbies to Youtube and believe or not, it’s pretty nerve-wracking when I hit the record button! We’ll do more of those — see, we are starting something new too🤪!

We cherish our learning journey and we appreciate your company along the way!

Here’s our whimsical demo for your entertainment🤓:

A better demo of the app is here!

Happy practicing and happy building!

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