RAG + CLI! 🦄🤩

Angelina Yang
2 min readFeb 5, 2024

Chat with anything from your terminal!

  • Are you looking for the simplest possible way to chat with your documents, without paying for a commercial solution, or building a full-fledged RAG system yourself?
  • Do you desire a chatbot within the terminal to answer your questions about linux commands that you don’t quite remember?

LlamaIndex has recently introduced RAG CLI to achieve exactly these goals without you writing any code!

Check it out! 👇

What is RAG CLI?

According to LlamaIndex doc, it is a “straightforward command-line tool for indexing and searching any local file, featuring integration with IngestionPipeline, QueryPipeline, and ChromaDB, with support for local models and customizable logic.

Curious to delve deeper into this new tool?

Watch Professor Mehdi explain the “RAG CLI” in real-time in the video below!👇

Looking to enhance your terminal skills?

I gained advanced CLI knowledge from Jeremy Howard and am sharing a clip of his video here too!