LLaVA-NeXT, 🐐 of the Time!

Angelina Yang
2 min readFeb 8, 2024

The recent release of LLaVA-NeXT (version 1.6) marks new breakthrough in advanced language reasoning over images, introducing improved OCR and expanded world knowledge.

Check it out! 👇

What is LLaVA-NeXT?

LLaVA stands for Large Language and Vision Assistant. LLaVA models are multi-modal. Simply put, it’s a powerful blend of large language models and computer vision.

Trained end-to-end by combining a vision encoder and Vicuna for comprehensive visual and language understanding, LLaVA offers a cost-efficient solution to construct a general-purpose multimodal assistant. It is designed to achieve remarkable chat capabilities, emulating the essence of multimodal GPT-4 and setting a groundbreaking standard.

LLaVA-NeXT signifies a significant advancement in the ongoing research and development of LLaVA, aiming to elevate the model’s capabilities. Engineered to reach GPT-4V level capabilities and beyond, it has been the subject of continuous research and evaluation.

The model is tailored to address diverse multimodal conversational tasks, showcasing promising potential in applications like healthcare and general-purpose visual and language assistance.

The development of LLaVA-NeXT reflects the continuous evolution of large language and vision models, with a focus on advancing multimodal AI capabilities.