Introducing ML Interview Prep eBook🚀!

Angelina Yang
2 min readMay 29, 2023

After a year of dedicated effort writing about interview challenges for machine learning, we are thrilled to unveil “Machine Learning Interview — Practice Questions from Experts” eBook!

This eBook is a summary of our journey together so far, where we have curated and distilled the wealth of knowledge gained from numerous interview challenges presented in this newsletter. Now, it’s time to share this invaluable resource with you!


Unveiling the Flash Card Edition

At its core, this eBook is designed to make your learning journey easy and effective. Instead of a long list of FAQs, we organized the content in a flash card format. One page is the question and the next is the answer. This format allows for easier practice, fostering a more engaging and efficient learning experience.

In addition, we didn’t section the book by topics. Instead, we mixed questions from different areas such as supervised and unsupervised machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision (etc.) throughout the eBook. This format promotes “active recall”, enabling you to reinforce your knowledge and improve long-term retention.

Expert Insights and In-Depth Explanations

In this eBook, you’ll find an abundance of expert insights and in-depth explanations provided by renowned professors, industry experts, and thought leaders in the field of ML.

Our featured experts include some of the most influential figures in statistics and machine learning, such as Professor Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani from Stanford Stats, Professor Andrew Ng and Abby See from Stanford CS, Kian Katanforoosh from Workera, Jeremy Howard from among others.

By tapping into their expertise, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts, preparing you to tackle even the most challenging interview questions.

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Free Preview

You can also get a free preview to experience the unique flash card format that sets this eBook apart from the rest.

Take a sneak peek at the content, interactive flash card format, and expert insights that await you!

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Happy practicing!

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