How to Find a “Good Boss” and the Battle of Trafalgar

Angelina Yang
5 min readMar 6, 2023

When I first graduated and was looking for a job, I never thought about what I want from a manager. I probably selected the highest paid job at the time.

After years of working and having experienced both good managers and toxic ones, today I put the heaviest weight on the quality of my employer/manager when considering the next move. I’d take a pay cut for a better manager and more interesting work.

How’s selecting a good boss related to the Battle of Trafalgar?

Hang tight for a second!

What’s on your wishlist for a “Good Boss”?

For me:

  • Someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in the field — so that I can learn from the best.
  • Someone who is humble and empowering — so I can thrive with my creativity and be respected for the path I choose.
  • Someone who is a clear, reasonable and logical communicator — so brainstorming, bouncing ideas can be fun, fruitful and rewarding.

There are other characteristics that are important to me but much harder to detect at the initial interviews, such as fairness, consistency, growth opportunities etc. I’ll cover some of those topics in a future post!

What’s on your list? Leave a comment!

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