Fresh Out of the Oven🧤🔥- Online LLM API🤖

Angelina Yang
4 min readDec 7, 2023

You won’t get any funding if you claim to be building a “search engine.

🙀Why bother trying it! 😅

I’m just kidding.🤪

Jokes aside, at least try present it differently when you talk with VCs(Venture Capital) if you have a groundbreaking search engine idea!

Today’s post is inspired by the “First-of-its-kind Online LLM API”💡 developed by Perplexity AI. If you haven’t heard of Perplexity, it is a company that aims to create the ultimate “answers and information” hub — a revolutionary take on the conventional search engine!

The factual and fresh chatbot

What sets ChatGPT apart from Google is its unparalleled convenience. It directly addresses your query without necessitating navigation through a long list of search results.

For many of us, it’s all about the ease of use.

However, we’re well aware of the trade-offs:

  1. Freshness: ChatGPT and similar Language Models (LLMs) sometimes struggle to keep information up-to-date.
  2. Hallucinations: Inaccuracy is another challenge, with ChatGPT occasionally generating misleading statements.

Perplexity is one of those trailblazing companies that aims to solve these issues. It differentiates itself from other conversational search engines by using real-time information, complete with…