B2B SaaS Metrics Decoded! 🚀 — Part I

Angelina Yang
4 min readFeb 23, 2024

Everyone knows that,

With better metrics, we make better decisions.

Metrics act as gateways to critical information about your business operations.

Today, we’ll introduce key metrics tailored for B2B SaaS. Whether you’re a founder or preparing for interviews in roles such as product manager, data scientist, engineer, or other senior positions, a solid grasp of product and metrics will make you stand out from the crowd!🦄

Build basic metrics in before launch?

This is probably counter-intuitive.

From an investor’s perspective, it’s a significant differentiator when a founder can fluently discuss key metrics.

This doesn’t mean overloading a dashboard with hundreds of metrics for a small volume of users.

So, everything in moderation.

Now, with your planned product launch next week, what should you do?

Getting started with metrics

First, choose 4–5 key metrics; you don’t need more at this stage — they will grow over time.

Second, utilize a convenient analytics solution, like SQL querying your database.

Third, define and agree on metric definitions, ensuring your entire team adopts a centralized definition, whether it’s one day or five days per week for an active user.

Post launch

After launching the product, if the defined metrics aren’t performing as expected, founders may be tempted to tweak definitions or change metrics to paint a better picture.

But you are only fooling yourself at that point.

Keeping metric definitions consistent over time is crucial.

This ensures meaningful comparisons with your own product’s progress, rather than meaningless comparisons with other companies.

You’ll need to keep the definition internally consistent to keep track of your own progress.

Key metrics to track

In the old days, people liked to report metrics like “page views” or “unique visitors” because they boasted large, impressive numbers. However, these are often referred to as “vanity metrics.” While they may appear successful, they aren’t…